Living Lettuce

Truly Amazing
Living Lettuce

You can taste the difference in fresh lettuce. The leaves stay crunchy, the stalks are sweet, and the whole plant is tender and delicious. The moment you cut into a head of lettuce, it starts to lose nutrients and flavour. Many of us don’t even know what truly fresh lettuce tastes like!

HydraGreens Living Lettuce is alive until the moment you’re ready to eat it. Whether you store your HydraGreens lettuce in the fridge, or keep it watered on your counter or windowsill, it will continue to grow for weeks.
Simply cut off the roots and add your favourite dressings to enjoy the best tasting lettuce you’ll ever experience.

Since our lettuce is packaged in whole head, single servings, you aren’t wasting any part of the plant!

Lettuce Varieties:

Romaine Purple – Firm, crisp with a mild bitterness & hint of earthiness

Romaine Green – A dark green crisp, flavourful gem

Springtime – Three varieties of Coral leaf, frilled lettuce

Butter – Tender buttery textured leaves, mild & sweet

*Living Lettuce available both bulk & retail*