Living Lettuce, Herbs and Microgreens


HydraGreens takes a great deal of pride in our greens and we are leading the charge towards sustainable local farming. Our produce is grown cleaner, and brought to you sooner than any other produce on the market.

Living Lettuce

It doesn't get any better than fresh lettuce.With crisp and crunchy leaves paired with stalks that are sweet, our living lettuce is perfectly tender and delicious.

Fresh Basil

HydraGreens fresh basil will take you beyond what you thought was possible with this simple green herb. The mouth watering flavour will brighten any meal.


Microgreens are a super food that very few people have yet to discover. They are delicate, young vegetables and herbs that are harvested while tiny, tender, and tasty. Microgreens are 4-40 times more nutritious than the mature plant.

Fresh Herbs

Hydragreens young herbs are bursting with flavour with a fresh scent and minimal stem.

Modern Sustainable Farming

HydraGreens produce is grown using the next generation of growing machines. Our focus is on reducing the amount of water, land and energy used to grow each individual plant. We will never use any pesticides and we take great lengths to guarantee our growing environments stay clean and contaminant free.