Living Basil

Experience Truly
Fresh Basil

Living Basil will redefine your opinion of freshness. There is something about basils aroma that immediately brightens up your sense of smell and makes your mouth water. Because our basil is alive, that experience is amplified. 

Living Basil leaves stay firm and green longer. Although a leaf is quite delicate when cut, our plants are actually quite hearty. Basil cut and packed will last days, whereas a living plant can last weeks! 

HydraGreens Living Basil is grown locally and packaged fresh in a CubicFarm.

Care and Feeding For Your Basil.

When you get the basil home, simply remove it from the sleeve and place it in a glass of water on your windowsill or counter. (Basil doesn’t like to be cold, so it’s best not kept in the fridge! )

On The Counter: Keep me in water